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Facebok, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, Gmail



If you need a working hacking and phishing software click on the download link above to download and install the software to start.Hacking is the act of finding and using exploits to bypass and access passwords and systems and there are a lot of ways to hack into websites like facebook gmail, tiwtter, aol, yahoo and most social networking websites out there. There are hackers who dedciate their time and studying and researching new ways and exploits to hack websites. Any website system regardless of their security can be hacked and bypassed. A lot of hackers however do not usually release their new found exploits to the public since doing so will only get that exploit fixed by the website. The only working hacking exploits on websites like facebook is kept amongst underground hacking groups and one need to be a certified and respected hacker in such communities to access such exploits.

Regullar folks that want to hack example a facebook account password will either need to use a key logger or a phishing method to hack the account of the target. Phishing is very easy and it basically makes it possible to hack your target by tricking them to log into their facebook or email accounts using a web page that looks exactly like those sites. As soon as your target enters his or her account email and password and clicks enter, the login information is captured for you to use to access that users account. You can deploy phishing links by using email to send the target the page or the best method is when you have access to your target's computer. In this case you just open your phishing page on their computer and when your target gets on his or her computer it is more than likely they will login to their account from your phishing [age without even realizing it is fake. As soon as they log in their account is hacked for you. Very easy without downloading or installing any software.

You can also using real hacking services to get professional hackers to hack any account for you either free or by paying this hackers a fee for hacking for you. Usually real hackers have tools and know the latest exploits on hacking facebook or gmail or any web site. Hackers do not release their new found exploits on such websites and they will basically let you send them the link of the user you want hacked and they do the hacking for you without telling you how they did it. It is important to know that sites like facebook have people that infiltrate such hacking communities to find out about the exploits people are using to hack their system so they can fix such exploits. Due to this it is very very difficult for hackers to show others the new exploits they use for hacking. You will have to have some trust and some reputation in underground hacking communities before another hacker will let you in with new working hacking methods.

What we do at hack 7 is find the latest and working facebook or email hacking methods and make it available to people who need it. You can always come to this web site and find info or softwares to download to enable you to hack any account. We believe parents need to monitor their kids activities online and giving them the right info and tools to do so is what we are here for. We do not build the softwares and systems for the hacking, we just provide you with working download links that does not require you to do any online surveys before downloading. And we also make sure we scan and make sure the softwares and hacking tools you download from the links we provide do not have any virus or spy wares.